When your patient says “Yes” to Asthma..

When your patient states on their medical history that they have asthma,some logical questions should include: at what age was your asthma diagnosed? do you know what type of asthma you have? what causes your asthma attacks? have you been hospitalized due to your asthma? when was your last asthma attack? do you carry a rescue inhaler with you? when was the last time you replaced your rescue inhaler? do you leave your rescue inhaler in the car? do you take any additional medications?

As you begin to accumulate questions on your medical history to accurately gather information from your patient, be certain to have a resource to research your patient’s existing medications and conditions. Two free applications available are MicroMedix and Medscape. These apps each provide functions that allow you to search a drugs indications, interactions, contraindications, and applications. Lexicomp drug reference provides a thirty day trial period that can help you determine if their type of analysis is useful to your needs. I have found advantages and disadvantages in each of the three. I utilize all three in some fashion on an almost daily basis; primarily to print informational sheets. The state of knowledge of asthma is constantly changing. Help your patient understand the importance of carrying an inhaler that is current. Help them learn as much about their asthma¬†as possible..”Remember, we treat our patients with their permission, use this gift wisely” (Catharine Goodson, DDS)

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