What do you think about your Medical History Form?

When you think about your Medical History form what comes to mind? Are the questions on your intake questionnaire designed to extract information about the presence of chronic illnesses, allergies and unusual reactions or negative dental experiences? How much credence do you actually give to that information? Do you use the information as a reason to exclude the patient from your practice or as an individualized treatment plan? I propose this: use this season when we prepare our resolutions to redesign your medical history. Our medical histories should reflect an analysis of the patients medical systems. In that I suggest series of questions concerning categories such as allergy, asthma, cardiac, diabetes etc. When the questions are posed in a concise group, not only can the patient answer the questions more concisely, but the Dr. can analyze them more accurately. This information will become invaluable to you in obtaining the most comprehensive understanding of your patients medical history. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you in designing a customized medical history for your practice.

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