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Invisalign to the rescue!

Generally my blogs surround topics of interest in areas of medical emergency, preparedness and management of patients with special needs. Today, I digress. I’d like to chat for a minute about my new exciting endeavor! I’ve been practicing traditional orthodontic therapy for almost 20 years. During this time I’ve come to many conclusions. The most […]

When your patient says “Yes” to Asthma..

When your patient states on their medical history that they have asthma,some logical questions should include: at what age was your asthma diagnosed? do you know what type of asthma you have? what causes your asthma attacks? have you been hospitalized due to your asthma? when was your last asthma attack? do you carry a […]

How can you add value to the dental profession?

Each morning in our huddle, my team and I review the charts of the patients will we treat. We scan the chart for necessary updates in health histories, need for periodontal services and incomplete dental treatment. It’s during these meetings that my mind begins to wander. I think back on the many hours, days and […]

I never talk politics, except today!

Today is an amazing opportunity for each American to be responsible for one thing and one thing only…to make a decision to be a member of the electorate. We listen to each others rants about the deficiencies in the economy and the problems with the administration. Of course, each candidate has his solution for nirvana. […]

What do periodontal disease and heart disease have in common?

Studies have reported that people who have heart disease have a 1.5- 4 times increased risk for periodontal disease. (The risk is highest for patient with extensive gum disease, bleeding from every tooth). Acute coronary syndrome, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol have also been associated with periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has also been […]

Help your patients understand what role their chronic illness have on their periodontal health

Doctors and hygienists are in a unique and powerful position to educate their patients about the effects of their chronic illnesses on their teeth and periodontal health. Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection-putting the gums at risk. In addition, people who have inadequate blood sugar control may develop more frequent and sever infections of […]