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How can you add value to the dental profession?

Each morning in our huddle, my team and I review the charts of the patients will we treat. We scan the chart for necessary updates in health histories, need for periodontal services and incomplete dental treatment. It’s during these meetings that my mind begins to wander. I think back on the many hours, days and […]

When is a Doctor-patient relationship established?

When we are evaluating a patient’s health history, there are many factors that we are assessing. But it is imperative to understand one thing: we must be certain we are willing to establish a relationship with each and every patient before we begin treatment. Once we have performed dental services, there is a Doctor-patient relationship. […]

When an emergency is close to home

My introduction to emergency preparedness began with the management of an asthma attack experienced by my patient some 10 years ago. From this emergency, Medical Emergency Mastery was born. I realized that my patient’s emergency was due, in part, to my poorly constructed medical history, my overly-cumbersome emergency medical kit and the lack of staff […]

Help your patients understand what role their chronic illness have on their periodontal health

Doctors and hygienists are in a unique and powerful position to educate their patients about the effects of their chronic illnesses on their teeth and periodontal health. Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection-putting the gums at risk. In addition, people who have inadequate blood sugar control may develop more frequent and sever infections of […]

Can you communicate with physicians?

When I am asked by my colleagues to assist them in designing a “Medical Clearance Form”, the first thing I want to help them understand is that it is an impossibility to request a health care provider to “release” us from making the most sound, informed decisions for our patients. As Dentists, we alone are […]

How do you learn best?

After teaching many Dentists and their staff to recognize and manage medical emergencies, I have begun to see a consistent trend. The majority of my clients have their “ah-ha” moments when they see the videotapes we create of their training. I believe that in order to have a firm grasp on emergency principles, it is […]

Have you dreamed of being in the Movies?

How do you learn the best? Is it by reading, listening or watching? Most of us learn by a combination of the three. I have found that many of the Dentists I work with have benefited greatly from recording their emergency practice drills. We create a video to reenact each scenario and then review it […]

Only Honest Dentists Need Read This!

Doctors, have you truly examined the contents of your emergency medical kit? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are capable of administering each and every drug in your kit? If you have purchased a standard, stock kit from one of the major manufacturers, the answer is probably no. Why do […]