Training Manual

Designed to provide the Dental Staff
 with a guide in the recognition, management and treatment of the most commonly occurring medical emergencies in the dental office.

SECTION 1: The development of an exceptional medical history that will elicit the most accurate information from each patient. Awell-constructed medical history will gather pertinent information about the patient’s physical and psychological status as well as their ability to tolerate dental treatment.

SECTION 2:  Devoted to presentation of the signs, symptoms and treatment of the most commonly occurring medical emergencies in the dental office.

SECTION 3: Outlines the necessary components for a well-constructed emergency drug kit. All necessary emergency equipment and supplies are included here as well. Maintenance logs and worksheets are provided to ensure routine inventory of emergency supplies and equipment.

SECTION 4: Devoted to the implementation of a straightforward staff training program. Staff members are designated with specific roles that can be modified for any staff size. Worksheets to maintain skill proficiency are included here.



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