Emergency Drug Kit

Don’t have time to construct your own Medical Emergency KitMedical Emergency Mastery Kit

Ensure you are prepared to effectively treat medical emergencies in your dental practice with the straightforward components of our Emergency Drug Kit.

Each drug in your kit is labeled with the name of the emergency drug, uses for the drug and simple directions for use. This simplistic labeling allows any member of your staff to obtain and utilize the appropriate drug. This concise labeling facilitates a correct drug choice based on the patient’s symptoms and  prevents the use of an  inappropriate drug  during a time of crisis.

Each kit contains the following:

Fainting (Syncope) Three ampules of Ammonium Sulfate
Mild allergic reaction Benadryl (50 mg) x 100 tabs
Severe allergic reaction (Anaphylaxis) EpiPen (.3 mg) x 1
Chest Pain (Angina) Nitroglycerin tabs (.4 mg) x 30
Asthma Attack Albuterol Inhaler x 1
Heart Attack (Cardiac Arrest) Aspirin (325 mg) x 100
Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) 1 Tube Glucose Substitute


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