Many Dentists fear they are unprepared to effectively recognize, successfully manage and correctly treat medical emergencies that may occur their practice.  This course will provide Dentists and their staff a system to identify emergencies before they occur, the tools to respond successfully to a crisis, and the staff training necessary to prevent confusion and fear in the event of an emergency.


You will be prepared to:

  • RECOGNIZE impending medical emergencies.
    • Review the signs and symptoms of the seven most commonly occurring medical emergencies with emphasis on specific factors that influence dental treatment
  • RESPOND to “events” with clarity, knowledge and conviction.
    • Outline the specific interceptive, pharmacological and staff responsibilities
  • REESTABLISH office protocol and train your staff.
    • Incorporate streamlined, efficient procedures
    • Designate specific duties and responsibilities for each staff member
    • Customize response protocol for staff of any size
  • REFRESH your knowledge of equipment and drug essentials.
    • Spreadsheets outlining monthly emergency drills
    • Maintenance logs for equipment and supplies
    • Contents of a concise, effective 911 call
    • Documentation system for Post Incident useTMBioCatharineGoodson

Future Speaking Engagements

  • Western Regional Dental Convention/ Arizona March 2015
  • Dental Town Townie Convention, April 2015

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Star of the South Dental Meeting, Houston, Texas 2012, 2013
  • Texas A&M Continuing Education Summer Conference Lubbock, Texas 2012
  • Beaumont District Dental Society Study Club
  • Pearland Modern Dentistry (Pacific Dental Services)