Invisalign to the rescue!

Generally my blogs surround topics of interest in areas of medical emergency, preparedness and management of patients with special needs.
Today, I digress. I’d like to chat for a minute about my new exciting endeavor!
I’ve been practicing traditional orthodontic therapy for almost 20 years. During this time I’ve come to many conclusions. The most significant is the belief that early, interceptive ortho therapy can successfully provide orthodontic correction and orthognathic arch development.
I’d been a proponet of fixed maxillary and mandibular arch expansion with RPE’s, Williams and Herbst appliances. They have been used alone or combined with fixed brackets.
Many of my mentors saw only one way to treat crowding: fixed appliances. Some of my early mentors include John Witzig, Brock Rondeau, Robert Garrity and Anthony Viazzi.
I stumbled along for many years and dealt with the myriad of problems associated with fixed therapy: namely compliance, hygiene and lack of cosmetic appeal.
Much to my amazement I found that Invisalign offered a solution to these problems. I am so proud and excited to now be a provider of the Invisalign system. This system provides a removable, esthetically pleasing alternative to fixed braces. Your patient wears a series of clear aligners for approximately two weeks each. The length of their treatment is determined by..get this…a computer!!! Can you believe that you send models of your patients mouth, photos and a bite relation and presto!!! Invisalign will send you a computer generated animation of the patients completed results…How COOL is this? Very!
My patients have enthusiastically embraced this wonderful treatment modality.
Why not give Invisalign a try? There are courses throughout the country on a regular basis…Drop me a note for more info. This is an excellent service to include in your practice. (And…I am not a paid spokesman!)

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