How do you learn best?

After teaching many Dentists and their staff to recognize and manage medical emergencies, I have begun to see a consistent trend. The majority of my clients have their “ah-ha” moments when they see the videotapes we create of their training. I believe that in order to have a firm grasp on emergency principles, it is imperative to reenact scenarios in non-emergency situations. Our training includes videotaping of staff dental team practicing their response to the most commonly occurring medical emergencies. Any handheld video recorder can be used. My favorite is the Kodak Zi8. I edit the footage in IMovie, but there are many programs that do a phenomenal job. We then post the video to the office YouTube channel for later review. This serves as a refresher that keeps it in the forefront of the minds of your staff. If you need help developing your in-office training program, contact me. We serve our patients with their permission, use this gift wisely

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