How can you add value to the dental profession?

Each morning in our huddle, my team and I review the charts of the patients will we treat. We scan the chart for necessary updates in health histories, need for periodontal services and incomplete dental treatment. It’s during these meetings that my mind begins to wander. I think back on the many hours, days and months of training and education that occurred to arrive at the place our staff is today. What if I could assist other Drs. Offices in their learning curve? Don’t misunderstand me; there are many, many Dentists with tried and true systems for chart review, case presentation, patient follow-up and long-term retention. I have the opportunity to partner with a company that will assist in the education of the next generation of dental assistants. Vandelay education is committed to providing the highest quality dental assisting training to young men and women who might not otherwise consider dentistry. If you are in the Houston area, The Houston Dental Academy can provide you with highly trained assistants that will be an asset to your existing staff. If you are not, there are Vandelay education programs throughout the country. Please feel free to drop me an email if I can be of any assistance to you.

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