Only Honest Dentists Need Read This!

Doctors, have you truly examined the contents of your emergency medical kit? Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are capable of administering each and every drug in your kit? If you have purchased a standard, stock kit from one of the major manufacturers, the answer is probably no. Why do I say this? Because I was once like you. My drug kit contained drugs that were unfamiliar to me. Drugs that required advanced training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support or training in the use of injectable drugs. Do you think that your security lies simply in having an up to date emergency drug kit? That is a fallacy! You must be qualified, capable and able to properly administer ALL the drugs in your kit or they will become a liability to you: they will be used against you! In our first series, we will discuss the drugs the general dentists MUST be capable and qualified to administer to care for a patient’s in-office medical emergency.

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