Have you thought about your end of the year spending?

When we think about the holidays, most often we are deciding about gifts for our family and friends. Then, the difficult decisions arise concerning our staff. Do we have a party, provide them a bonus or a gift. Whichever suits your style, this year give your practice a gift. We all know what our tax implications are for parties, bonuses and the like. Think about what piece of equipment would benefit your practice. Ask you staff what would make their lives easier this upcoming year. Because after all, aren’t the holidays about showing our love and appreciation for the many blessings we have been given this year? Whatever your faith and the way you choose to celebrate it, I reflect on my practice as an extension of my personality. My message is one of emergency preparedness. In that light, I would encourage you to look at your preparedness. If you do not have an AED, purchase one now. Do you have a pulseoximeter? Are your emergency drugs up to date? Just look around and ask your staff to check those supplies that are probably never used. You can provide them peace of mind and help yourself at the same time. End of the year spend can be cost effective at the same time. Many suppliers are anxious to decrease their inventory and exceptional deals can be had. My personal favorite for equipment is Criticare. They provide me with AED’s and Pulseoximeters. Their customer support is exceptional. If your equipment needs repair, a loaner is provided to you by overnight mail. If you need any assistance choosing the equipment that is right for your practice, give me a call at 713-417-9924 or email me at catharine@catharinegoodsondds.com.

Have a safe and blessed Holiday Season!

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