Medical Emergency Mastery provides onsite personalized training for Dentists and staff in the recognition, management and treatment of medical emergencies.

Programs are customized for the specific needs of each staff and can range from three to six hours.

The three hour course encompasses a review of a properly constructed medical history, review of the 10 most commonly occurring medical emergencies, treatment response for each emergency and the necessary equipment and supplies that each office must possess and be qualified to use. All equipment logs and maintenance forms are provided along with the contents of a 911 and post-incident documentation for Dr. and staff. A training manual is provided for each participant.

The six hour course includes the above course content with an additional three hours of staff role play that utilizes delegation of specific staff responsibilities that can be implemented with a staff of as few as three. A video of emergency scenarios is provided for staff review purposes.

Each course qualifies for continuing education credit.

Additional customized programs include:

  • Staff training for doctors, including IV sedation to the practices
  • Emergency incident review
  • Patient Medical History review/consultation prior to IV sedation to determine sedation readiness
  • Expert testimony for existing clients in the event of incident associated with medical emergency
  • Telephone access and support for clients and the entire team
  • Limited training for new staff members
  • Periodic updates for emergency review

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