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What do you know about Oral Cancer?

¬† Did you know April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month? Most recently I attended an online training course for the Velscope. Velscope is an amazing technology that is designed to provide a detailed assessment of intra oral tissues. The Velscope is used to examine all soft and hard tissues. Oral Cancer detection with the use […]

“We treat our patients with their permission, use this gift wisely”
(Catharine Goodson,DDS)

Have you asked your patients about their use of OTC medications? Many patients would not think to report their use of such common supplements as gingko biloba, ginseng, saw palmetto, green tea and St. John’s Wort. It is vital to know ¬†these “drugs” can interfere with the actions of anti-hypertensives, diabetes medications and certain post stroke and MI meds. Do you need a complete list of drug interactions? Send me a message or sign up for my newsletter..

Do you offer oral cancer screening to your patients?

Most recently I have been utilizing the VelScope for intra oral cancer screenings. I am blown away by this amazing morsel of technology! The ease of use of the scope is exceeded only by the fantastic response to add a screening to a “routine” cleaning appointment. I have also ordered Oral CDX kits to obtain cells from any suspicious lesions!

Please stay tuned from my upcoming video on the proper use of a VelScope and Oral CDX biopsy brush.
If you’re uncertain whether you should include this service in your practice, I can only recommend that you utilize this amazing technology!


How is an asthma attack induced?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your patient checks the appropriate box on your medical history that says “asthma”. Now what to do with the information. The most important information you will need to extract from this positive response is the level of the patient’s knowledge about their asthma, the degree of control of asthma attacks […]

How much fun can you have when you talk to Gary Takacs?

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When Gary Takacs, of “The Thriving Dentist Show’ interviews you, you are in for a treat! How many opportunities do we have as Dentists to share our message in such a relaxed atmosphere! Gary has an amazing array of guests on his shows. Why not subscribe to his shows and purchase an Ipod for your workouts to listen to his guests?