Daily Archives: December 12, 2012

Things that make you go “hmmmm”

I find at this time of year many of us look for that extra “edge” to help us sustain our energy level for Christmas shopping and parties! ¬†Our patients are no different. Two of the most common supplements that provide an extra boost are products containing ginkgo biloba and Ginseng. For the average lay person, […]

When your patient says “Yes” to Asthma..

When your patient states on their medical history that they have asthma,some logical questions should include: at what age was your asthma diagnosed? do you know what type of asthma you have? what causes your asthma attacks? have you been hospitalized due to your asthma? when was your last asthma attack? do you carry a […]

Have you thought about your end of the year spending?

When we think about the holidays, most often we are deciding about gifts for our family and friends. Then, the difficult decisions arise concerning our staff. Do we have a party, provide them a bonus or a gift. Whichever suits your style, this year give your practice a gift. We all know what our tax […]